"From the first 5 minutes of a Skype chat I had with Julia, I knew she was the support I was looking for. Her presence through the computer was so grounded and present that it demanded that I slow down (and still does after 2 years) and be present in a way I wasn't used to after 9 years living in hustle bustle NYC. Not only has she guided me through some of the deepest excavations of my soul and my biggest life events, she's also taught me how to be a better healer purely by the way she shows up and listens. I cannot recommend this woman enough. My life is better for having been bold enough to make the investment in myself and discerning enough to wait until I found just the right energetic support." - D. Balicki

"My work with Julia has been life-changing. I initially started seeing her because I was unhappy with how easily I was triggered into a place of anger and frustration in reaction to people in both personal and business relationships. I would be in turmoil, not knowing how to respond or what to say. She taught me to understand that these were responses to childhood wounds, to recognize when they were occurring, to sit in a space and acknowledge them, and feel them. And then little by little the wounds healed, and I wasn’t triggered. In fact, I can now look at a situation and laugh to myself about how I would have previously felt, and take such pleasure in not only not reacting to the pain, but not feeling pain at all. I would have been satisfied had the triggers and the resulting angst simply gone away, but I’m pleased to say that there is so much more! Once the wounds heal, taking the turmoil, pain, and angst along with them, there’s an unbelievable amount of space to be truly free. Dare I say carefree? With Julia’s help my heart is now open and I'm engaged with new things. I'm the lucky mommy of two rescue dogs. I'm singing and dancing in a musical! I’m on a plant-based diet, and have effortlessly lost several pounds. These are just a few of the surprising positives I’ve gained from working with Julia. Julia creates a wonderful space to feel safe. She is gentle. She is unbelievably well-read. She is patient. Her insight and wisdom are other-worldly. She is a gift for whom I could not be more grateful." - J. Goren

"Julia's work seems made of a fierce yet gentle love that continues to steer me through my own inner-workings. Her illuminating Mapping Of The Psyche has helped me unearth tools to connect and communicate with my Self in sustaining, transformative ways I never imagined possible. One session with her in the safe and inspired space she provides and I feel at once capable, resolved, and present. Indeed, Julia is like a spirit deer you find in an urban jungle of noise and chaos, who guides you back to the forest that is home. To work with her is truly a gift." - K. Owsley Wills

"Julia's guidance has significantly improved the quality of my life. I met Julia last year as I was going through my divorce. I lived in a world of can’ts and shouldn’ts and feared the uncertainty that was going to follow in the next step of my life. Through our Inner Work sessions, I have gained the strength and courage to carry me forward in my future. My decision-making process and relationships with others have improved dramatically. Julia has touched every aspect of my life and I am so grateful to have met her." - L. Samkian

"Julia is a gift. Doing reiki and Inner Work with her this past year has opened my heart and improved my well being far beyond my expectations. I am more open than ever to the goodness of life. Julia is gentle, intuitive, empathetic and has an exceptional, ethereal spirit that emanates so strongly you can feel it just being in the same room as her. I can trust her spiritually and emotionally and walk out of every meeting with Julia more refreshed, grounded, and whole. I cannot imagine anyone who is seeking guidance coming to Julia and not benefiting from seeing her. A friend and colleague both went for Inner Work and reiki on my recommendation and each came back with stories of their profound experience with her. Julia's yoga retreats are special -- they inspire transformation and create introspective space you hold long after the retreat is over. Her classes are a fine balance between challenging and soft and her story telling -- so beautiful! -- is a rare treat. I am immensely grateful to have Julia in my life." - T. Cheung

"After a mere six months with Julia, I've made leaps more progress with my own healing and growth than I made with years of traditional talk therapy. Already, I feel more happy and more myself than ever before. Every day, I feel more and more free from the negative voices that used to drive me into debilitating self-criticism and other unhealthy cycles. Julia has been able to teach me a way out of the cycles, and has helped me truly heal the parts of myself that had been hurt. In addition to being wise and insightful, Julia's very presence shows me how to be more compassionate with myself and with others. I am deeply grateful to Julia for all she has taught me so far, and I look forward to all that is yet to come. Julia is loving, wise, and maybe also a little bit of a good witch. I wish the whole world would go see her." - T. Howie

"Working with Julia has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. Learning to see myself and the world through her looking glass has improved my life in every way, from how I feel inside, to how I make decisions, how I carry myself at work, and how I communicate with my partner. I do Inner Work and Reiki with Julia and I look forward to my sessions every week. Even the times when I think I have nothing to talk about, she manages to lure out the real essence of the moment in a way that moves me forward. Julia is articulate, intuitive, loving, perceptive, and so very genuine. She is a true teacher, and healer. I am so grateful for all that she has shared with me."  - D. Brooks

“For the past 4 years, I have had the pleasure of experiencing Julia’s yoga teaching and, more recently, her reiki treatments. I distinctly remember the first yoga class I took from Julia: I had never experienced a teacher as fluid, soft, or articulate as she is, nor had I ever left a yoga class with such curiosity about a teacher’s work, and respect for their presence. There is great integrity behind Julia’s teaching and healing, an attention to detail on a purely anatomical level, but perhaps more importantly, a wise and deep understanding of the complexities and mysteries within the human spirit. Her teachings are always purposeful, imbued with meaning, and extended with the utmost care and respect for the person standing or moving in front of her.” - M. Hess

"Julia is a bright light in what was once my very dark world. I’ve been working with her for almost a year and it has been pretty magical and transformative. She is one of the kindest and gentlest souls I’ve ever met. She provides a safe space to just be me and without any judgment whatsoever. Just show up, be where you are, plant some seeds and watch it all unfold. I have learned so much about how food, the environment, and my thoughts affect my well being both physically and mentally. Her knowledge, encouragement and belief in me created a shift in my own thinking and processing of how I see the world. I feel inspired to be a better human being." - M. Picaso

“I have been practicing yoga with Julia for quite some time and have always looked forward to my weekly practice with her. I find Julia's approach to be warm and inviting, highly skilled yet perceptive to her student's needs. Recently, I've felt that both western medicine and some holistic approaches had failed to resolve chronic health issues I've been dealing with so I asked Julia about reiki. I've worked with osteopaths, acupuncturists and massage therapists in the past, but none of these prepared me for the powerful effects of just one reiki treatment. Julia listened intently to my background and asked important questions while remaining respectful and completely professional, insuring my comfort throughout our time together during the treatment. The effects were immediate and very powerful. It took me some time to comprehend my reaction to the reiki (which I still cannot successfully intellectualize!). However, I do feel like whatever energy Julia conjured up was exactly what I needed. It was, quite honestly, life changing, and for the best. I am so grateful to Julia for her guidance and for her practice. I can highly recommend her to any person who is interested in yoga or in exploring holistic approaches to well-being. There are a lot of options out there but Julia is truly exceptional, an inspiration.” - J. Rivet

“I chose to receive reiki on my 30th birthday -- a day where I annually take stock on my evolution, progress, and development as a person and energy in a quiet lone fashion. I could not have asked for a more insightful and restorative gift. My session with Julia was wildly transportive… electrical, illuminating, restorative, incredibly powerful, healing, centering, and grounding. As someone who has always turned to acupuncture and acupressure for therapy, I found my reiki session with Julia Frodahl to be incredibly powerful and effective -- perhaps even more so than acupuncture and acupressure, surprisingly. Although there is no touch involved, Julia's innate ability to channel energy, was nearly electrical and palpable, and I walked away with a entirely new sense of centeredness, groundedness, and cohesion of selves. Julia Frodahl is an extremely talented, powerful, and nuanced practitioner who has an innate knowledge of altering the invisible energies around and within us, which we fail to give credit to in our daily lives, until they pose as obstacles to our natural flow. Her ability to cultivate, nourish, and focus our intrinsic energies within us and balance them with the energies around us is a truly wondrous and wonderful gift.” – B. Yoon
“Practicing with Julia has been the most rewarding experience of yoga I've ever had. From my experience in her classes I gained a trust and respect for Julia that led me to the Nature-Based Mapping of the Psyche. Being a skeptic of (and clueless about) therapy in general, I felt a bit hesitant to commit to a session. But I'm so glad I did! Julia used Jungian archetypes and her deep knowledge of Eastern thought to map out a guide for me. She encouraged me to listen to the parts of the map that were the most quiet. It's difficult to explain the details but anyone interested in pattern recognition, anyone who is a visual thinker, anyone who enjoys taking an active role in their wellness will benefit from the mapping session. Julia is sensitive and open. Her thoughtfulness provides the perfect mirror necessary for the inner work that goes along with the care we take for our bodies.” - S. Ball

"Julia is a deeply rooted, strong and also bright energy who is so sincerely helpful, poetic and rigorous in her teachings. After a generous push from my sister to practice Yoga with Julia three times a week, my body became resilient and light, but especially grounded for a city that demands energetic endurance. Before my experience with Julia, I was prioritizing convenience when choosing yoga classes, but I now realize how vital a sensitive teacher is. My practice is necessary and emotionally moving. Julia Frodahl is a treasure!" - M. Ritter

“I've had many teachers since I took my first yoga class with Julia in 2003, but she's still my favorite. I was klutzy and out of shape and had no confidence in my ability to make it through a single class. To this day, I practice regularly, and I still thank Julia for that. Her classes are rigorous, but subtly and deceptively so—sometimes you don't realize you're being challenged until you're in the challenge, grappling with (and benefiting from) it. Julia is knowledgeable, which I value so much, but it's her kindness, which she shares with each student, that helps set her apart from other teachers. Even in larger classes, she makes each student feel visible and watched over. And, her adjustments are supreme. In her classes, she creates such a special space, with her words, choice of music, and her calm, confidence-inspiring energy.” - K. Crane

“I have been a yoga student of Julia Frodahl for many years. I could not recommend any teacher more highly. Working with Julia has not only deepened and expanded my practice but has enriched my life as a whole. Julia can teach with an uncanny awareness of the variety of levels at which her students are practicing. She maintains throughout her classes an emphasis on the details of alignment that bring me a deeper understanding of each posture. She leads her classes gracefully -- through what are sometimes very complicated sequences -- with finesse and an emphasis on an even relationship to the breath.  She has a way of helping me keep my focus on the spiritual and meditative core of yoga, even as I hold a difficult posture.” - P. Butler

"More than any other yoga classes I've attended, Julia's leave me feeling like I've participated in a well-rounded composition, not just a well-targeted aerobic work out. She combines an impeccable knowledge of alignment and physiology, with an intuitive, artistic approach. I've never walked away from her class without learning something new, feeling both mentally and physically relaxed and refreshed. Julia's yoga is a big and wonderful part of my life, and I advocate it to anyone looking to begin a yoga practice, or find more depth in their current practice.” – M. Whittaker

”My favorite thing about Julia's yoga teachings is that her students get to benefit from her constant learning. She always has new wisdom and information to impart, which really informs the practice. She knows so much about the human body and is able to talk about it in a very clear, deep way. The most useful thing is her slow pace and patience. The classes are hard without ever being competitive or judgmental. If you tell her your needs as a student, she will listen very well and adjust for you. Great, great classes in a beautiful, peaceful space. ‎”- S. Bowes

“Julia creates a warm, elegant, intimate, and incredibly nurturing environment within which to explore - and heal - one's body and mind. Her approach to yoga is so meditative, and I'm realizing more and more that her practice is inspired by nature, where patterns (and asanas...) repeat themselves. Deceptively simple! Julia's as much about the challenge as the reward, make no mistake about it. But by the time you slide into your sivasana, you'll notice the feeling that you've been on a subtle journey, and you'll be glad you made the trip.”  - R. Clift

 “I have been practicing yoga with Julia Frodahl for over 3 years. What I enjoy about Julia’s practice and teachings is that they are not rushed with any time constraints. You truly are practicing yoga without the idea of getting to the end of the class. I have learned from her classes that strength is more mental than physical. I love that in a single class I can go from an overworking mind that is scattered and buzzing, to a mental sate that is calm, focused and alert. People do yoga for a million different reasons. I went into her classes thinking I knew what I needed and her classes guided me to what was already there. Julia has a mix of calm and intensity. She will guide you to the proper alignment and help you to understand where you will eventually be in the pose, with practice. Her energy is real and deep. You can feel that she is truly a dedicated and present teacher.”- J. Kitzer

“I had not done Yoga in 7 years and always wanted to go back to it as I thoroughly enjoyed practicing in my home town in Australia. I tried several yoga places in New York and always left feeling like I couldn't do any of the moves and couldn't keep up. It made me not want to go back when all the teachers moved too fast and obviously saw me struggling. But Julia takes her time, and shows you how to properly get into the poses so you don't hurt your body. Furthermore, she is patient and kind and VERY observant no matter whether the class is full or just a few people. Her classes are always challenging and always catered to the students individually whilst still keeping a good flow within the class environment.” - J. Cranitch

“I first met Julia at Go Yoga in Brooklyn and was drawn to her style of teaching. She sets a safe/nurturing tone at the beginning of every class. I love her sequencing, which is unique and has a natural flow. The music she plays doesn't distract from the instruction, which is important. These classes are challenging but don't feel competitive. It is also inspiring and informative to watch her physically demonstrate each pose. I would highly recommend Julia for any yoga/mind/body teachings. She is a wealth of information for injuries, natural approaches to well being and has an incredible awareness of anatomy. Julia is an extremely unique teacher. I have been studying yoga for 20 years and have experienced many different styles of yoga instruction. Julia is gifted!” - K. Meinelt