Attending Julia's retreat was the best thing I ever did for myself. I arrived at Blue Osa exhausted. A week later, I left feeling refreshed and more alive and present than ever. Julia's gentle spiritual guidance through her yoga classes and her talks set the tone for each day. I took it all in, basking in warm, pleasant contentment. Blue Osa is a beautiful small oasis full of places to sit and savour ocean views and sunrises, watching for sights of macaws flying overhead and howler monkeys scampering through the trees. It's a special place. I especially enjoyed the camaraderie that developed within the group of wonderful like-minded women and the long-table meals where we ate delicious food and shared stories. I ended the week with a reiki treatment from Julia that was otherworldly. She is a master. My thoughts return often to Blue Osa and that special thing I ever did!” - K Devine.

"I have had the pleasure of being Julia’s student for a number of years now and when she announced that she would be leading a retreat in a place that I had always dreamed of going, I was elated and did not hesitate to enroll. The experience was beyond anything I could have imagined. Julia’s beautiful teachings set against the backdrop of the lush rainforests, sandy beaches and delightful creatures of Costa Rica created an experience that was truly poetic and revelatory. Julia has a subtle and powerful way of inviting you to draw in closer, to look deeper as she guides you through self-study and movement with her compassion, love and a touch of mischief. She is a healer, a story-teller, a mystic, a wise elder, and perhaps a feline creature swathed in a human shell.“ - S. Harrah 

“Words cannot express how magical and restorative it was to go to Costa Rica for Julia’s Yoga, Dream Tending, & Meditation Retreat. I came there on the edge of burnout, facing a big threshold in my life, in need of rest, healing and direction. I found all of that waiting for me, and so much joy and inspiration too. I will ever be grateful for this time and the pura vida that Blue Osa and Julia offered with such grace, generosity and love.” - K. Tucker

“I attended Julia’s retreat in Costa Rica in November 2018. I intended it to be a way to both celebrate and process the feat of turning 65 the day before the trip. It was that, and so much more. It was my first yoga retreat, so I had no expectations. The word is so overused, but it was truly “magical.” We did yoga every morning, with Julia focusing on a different pose each day. Although I’ve been doing yoga for several years, I learned something valuable every day. The dream workshop/circles were always entertaining yet enlightening. Every evening after yoga, we gathered together for Julia’s story time – how amazing it was to huddle together with our new friends, and be read to by someone who chose that particular story to teach us something nourishing, and who put her heart into every single word she read. I felt loved, safe, and cherished during those sessions, and it brought back feelings of being read to as a child. Yum! Every night was a gift – not only for the luxurious experience itself, but for the story and the teachings that will last a life time. Julia put an amazing amount of work and planning into the retreat; it showed every single day. All we had to do (or not) was accept what she offered. By the way, we had several hours during the day to do nothing, or something, like sitting alone and writing in our journal, or connecting with amazing like-minded people who I am so happy to say have become friends of mine. I don’t recall ever being as relaxed as I was on the retreat – more than once as I walked down a path alone, I felt like I was floating. Like I said, “magical.” - J. Goren

“After returning from this retreat I had time to reflect on what an amazing experience it was. Julia is truly one of the best, if not the best, teacher I have come across. Her ability to understand the body and postures and to teach in a way that makes it easily understandable for any level, pushes you to experience deeper levels of understanding of your practice and your own body. She has an inherent understanding of the connection of mind and body and is a light for guidance on inner work as well. I came back refreshed and stronger inside and out.” - B. Robinson

"Julia’s Yoga, Dream Tending, & Meditation Retreat in Costa Rica was simply an amazing experience beyond words. It was like going “home” to a place where I could completely be myself, open, and connect with others. Julia procured a safe environment to connect, heal and process while being in a beautiful and natural setting. I was able to walk away with a tool kit I can use to learn and discover more about myself, navigating this ocean of life, and in turn be a positive link in this web that connects us all. I'm so excited to begin working with my dreams after learning a new way to look at them. This was a truly magical and special time filled with love and the beginnings of new friendships. I will never forget the night that the sky was so clear, we could see all the stars in the sky…standing on the beach with new friends, talking and laughing and catching at least 4 shooting stars. Silent early morning sunrises over the ocean. Cheeky little spider monkeys crossing through the trees, peeking through the palms and staring at me. And how could I forget the giant red macaws always squawking about something. Howler monkeys closing in on our last day. Frogs that sounded like they were from space. A giant blue butterfly appearing in the early morning. But most of all I will not forget the inclusion that I felt and gratitude for all those that shared this point in time.." - M. Picaso

“My time at Blue Osa with Julia felt expansive, and life important. Each night I went to sleep with stories and songs in my mind after spending days amongst the trees, swimming in the sea, eating beautifully prepared food, and moving into new realms through yoga and dream work. I could not wait for each morning and evening for classes. I look forward to seeing what Julia has in store for the future. My work with her is always new and meaningful.” - B. Gill 

“I signed up for Julia's Costa Rica retreat not knowing what to expect. I thought I would be somewhere beautiful and do yoga but what I received was so much more. Julia created such a warm, comfortable, and supportive environment with her elegance, grace and compassion. I learned so many things about myself and grew fortuitously. My time away with Julia was a very special experience that I often think fondly of.  I am looking forward to Julia's future retreats. They are invaluable to me.” - J. Revit

“My retreat with Julia last fall was life-changing. Julia created a special place for introspection, where I felt so safe and free. I was able to look inward and examine myself much more than I have ever been able to do, and I was free from distraction to help facilitate that. It may have been the first time in my life I was able to stop and really observe and be present. I now also have so many dear life-long friends as a result of the retreat with Julia. It was such a loving, non-judgmental environment, and I will feel connected to this group of people always. I ended the retreat with a private reiki session with Julia. With all the activities, discussions, conversations, and the reiki, I felt like I floated out of the retreat with a renewed sense of meaning and love. I will forever feel the effects of our special time on retreat.” – L. Samkian