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"At CAP Beauty, our Rolodex is deep and rich with experts ranging from nutritionists to herbalists to crystal healers to manifestation coaches. Today I’m sharing Julia Frodahl, my multi-talented therapist and guide, that has been fundamental and indispensable in my own personal growth. She dives deep into the fascinating world of the mind and is just the companion you want along for the ride. Read on to find out what makes her tick and what keeps her inspired and engaged."  - Kerrilynn Pamer, CAP BEAUTY (Read the full Q&A here.)

Katie Cercone of ART511 interviews mentor, mindfulness advocate, & healer, Julia Frodahl, on the art of Dream Tending. (Read the Q&A here.)

"Julia Frodahl is a dreamy dove, a love, a healer, and dare I say, the most precious of precious snowflakes. When I use the word precious, I don’t mean it in a cloying or derisive manner. Julia is truly precious in the incalculably valuable, rare and astonishing sense of that word, like the Baroda Diamond, like a unicorn found wandering the streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. As an accomplished yoga instructor (according to some, she’s one of the best inversion teachers in New England), her serene approach to the yoga asana practice is paired with a deep working knowledge of human anatomy and alignment. As lead songwriter, singer and keyboardist for the chamber orchestra Edison Woods, she infuses her music with a pensive, wintry grace that makes me think of pure white things: falling snow and eiderdown, powdered sugar, frost, pearls.” - COILHOUSE MAGAZINE. (Read the full article here.)

"Yoga class in Julia Frodahl’s loft turned yoga studio on a gritty Williamsburg street is like exercising in the charming attic of someone’s adorably stylish grandma. There’s a maple-brown grand piano, a tufted leather couch, vintage-looking wallpaper, and perfectly curated clusters of objects like feathers, flowers, crystals, and wire baskets. Though there are two beginners classes offered, most sessions are at the open level and this can present a problem for true beginners—the names of poses are often called out in Sanskrit and might leave those new to the game a little behind. But for students with a foundation of yoga knowledge, the 90-minute sessions cruise by as poses move swiftly. Watch out for Oliver—the resident hairless cat might distract by playing with the strings of a hooded sweatshirt left near your mat. In addition to group classes, one-on-one sessions are available, and beyond yoga there are monthly dinners, occasional foraging retreats, and periodic teacher trainings." - NEW YORK MAGAZINE 2011. (Read the full feature here.)

VOGUE MAGAZINE: “Every introvert should plan for this on her wedding day”, featuring commentary by Julia Frodahl. (Read the article here.)

"Somewhere between postfeast malaise and pre-New Year’s panic, your holiday psychosis has gotten out of control. Regain balance with a trek to Julia Frodahl’s industrial oasis, on the top floor of a Williamsburg apartment building. Equal parts yoga studio, greenhouse, and village healing hut, her radiant space hosts restorative individual and group sessions. The experienced teacher (who moonlights in a seven-piece mini orchestra Edison Woods) takes an integrative wellness approach: customized yoga classes, Reiki treatments, and nutritional counseling are supplemented by more out-there services such as the “Nature-Based Mapping of the Psyche” (we’ll let her explain that one) and hand-blended tinctures, infusions, and elixirs. So whether you’re addressing serious demons (smoking, depression) or simply need a year-end detox, Frodahl’s is one home you’ll want to be in for the holidays." - NY DAILY CANDY, 2010

"I met Frodahl when I began taking her yoga classes at Starr Space in Bushwick, a now defunct studio run out of the workspace of painter Jules de Balincourt. A magnificent yoga instructor with nymph like beauty, Frodahl played tracks from Philip Glass, Beach House and the Knife’s electro-opera as we practiced asanas. Known artistically for her work with the new genre band Edison Woods, for which Frodahl serves as director, pianist and lead vocalist, Frodahl’s creative philosophy is based on the balance of opposing forces." - NATIVESHOUT. (Read the full article here.)