The Nature-Based Map of the Psyche is a map that provides an overview of the natural, complex, sometimes contradictory drives and impulses that exist within every human being. Shared with me on a vision quest years ago, this map is a synthesis of ideas that span ages and cultures, from Jungian psychology to the wisdom of nature-based societies. Understanding this greater view will help you navigate more easily through your inner voices, and know which ones to follow.

In nature there are four primary forces. These four forces also exist within us, though many people tend to be comfortable with just one or two. When all forces are present and allowed, they strengthen and support one another. We become our own greatest resource and in that, a great resource to our world. But when some are pushed into the shadows, we experience inner conflict. We seek affirmation through others, comfort in empty things, safety in a limited identity.

Exploring this map and how it applies to you begins with a single 2-hour overview session. In this overview mapping session, we'll begin to identify how each of the four forces are at play within you. We'll identify which are flourishing, which are buried, and which are dominating, and we'll discuss changes you can make towards a more satisfying balance. Where you take it from there is up to you, and we can discuss that together.

This map will change your perspective. It is deep work for those who are ready to get to know themselves, to finally change even the deepest habits and expand the limited identity you may have assumed was yours to live with. This map is also fundamental to the Inner Work I offer, and will be incorporated into that process if you choose to do some Inner Work with me.

You can learn the map and how it applies to you personally in a private 2-hour session with me (in person in Los Angeles, or via Skype). Or you can learn the map and work with it and surrounding topics in a 4-week course. Please click one of the options below to get started.