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Inner Work is an alternative to traditional talk therapy. It’s a more interactive approach that draws from a unique set of tools and perspectives including Jungian psychology, dream work, Buddhist teachings, and the Nature-Based Map of the Psyche.

Inner Work is a healing process as well as a process for self-development and expansion. Through guided, personalized teachings, and compassionate self-inquiry, you’ll find your way to true inner and outer freedom. Begin now, and live the rest of your life with intention, confidence, and warm-heartedness.

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What & Why?

Inner Work is my private practice offering that incorporates all of my teachings — from contemplative Buddhist practices, to dream tending and the art of communication. Through this well-rounded assemblage of teachings, you’ll be able to heal old wounds, change unhelpful beliefs and behaviors, and create a truly meaningful and fulfilling life — one that is both spiritually rich and materially fruitful.

Exploring one's psyche is a deep practice of healing and enrichment that’s been around since the beginning of time, since any human longed for or yearned for meaning in their life. The word psyche comes from the ancient Greek word psukhé, which means "breath, life, and soul". And developing the psyche into something whole and harmonious is an essential practice not only for oneself, but also for the well-being of our shared world.

Inner Work Will Help You:

Reclaim your natural gifts and share them with the world.

Find self-love and the ability to be your authentic self.

Know which inner voices to follow.

Change your response to anger and discomfort.

Create authentic relationships with deeper understanding and care.

Communicate what’s really true for you, and learn to listen better.

Move gracefully through difficult life changes, and make the most of any lessons to be learned.

Heal and change even the oldest habits and behaviors you thought you were stuck with.

Turn an afflicted mind into an open, friendly mind.

Create a more peaceful, tolerant, generous, non-violent world.

Become free of your less-than-conscious desires, aversions, beliefs, patterns, and complexes. Ninety percent of the decisions we make in our lives come from these unconscious drives until we make them conscious. Commonly, we may know our patterns and complexes intellectually, but have yet to set ourselves free from them. Inner Work is a process that will set you free.

How It Works

Inner Work is a process you can be involved in for a short, defined term or a more open-ended term. Some people come to me for help navigating through a difficult time, to change old habits and mindsets such as self-sabotage, avoidance, and unworthiness, or to achieve certain aspirations like switching careers to something more meaningful, or reviving creativity. Others come for on-going support, guidance, and spiritual development. In our first session, I’ll help you clarify your intentions and create a realistic timeline for the work you’d like to do.

Inner Work sessions can be held in person with me in Idyllwild, CA, or via Skype from anywhere in the world. If you’re thinking about doing this work, please feel free to request a free 20-minute interview with me. Finding the teacher or guide who’s right for you is important and I want to be supportive of that process. You might also like to read some testimonials from past and current students here.

If you’d like to do this work together, we’ll be collaborators in the unearthing of the best version of you. I’ll be your guide, your mirror, and your ally. I’ll be honest with you and help you see the things you might not be seeing. I’ll help you see life itself in a new way.


Julia is a spiritual teacher, mentor, healer, and author helping individuals live more balanced and fulfilling lives. She has been practicing meditation and mindfulness since 1993, and guiding people through the Inner Work process since 2010. Please consider reading some testimonials for a sense of what it's like to work with her.


$200 for Initial 2hr Intake
$125 per 50-minute session
$520 for 5 sessions paid up front (non-refundable)

$200 for Initial 2hr Intake
$150 per 80-minute session
$710 for 5 sessions paid upfront (non-refundable)


What past students have said:

"Julia's work seems made of a fierce yet gentle love that continues to steer me through my own inner-workings. Her illuminating Mapping Of The Psyche has helped me unearth tools to connect and communicate with my Self in sustaining, transformative ways I never imagined possible. One session with her in the safe and inspired space she provides and I feel at once capable, resolved, and present. Indeed, Julia is like a spirit deer you find in an urban jungle of noise and chaos, who guides you back to the forest that is home. To work with her is truly a gift." - KATIE W.

"Julia's guidance has significantly improved the quality of my life. I met Julia last year as I was going through my divorce. I lived in a world of can’ts and shouldn’ts and feared the uncertainty that was going to follow in the next step of my life. Through our Inner Work sessions, I have gained the strength and courage to carry me forward in my future. My decision-making process and relationships with others have improved dramatically. Julia has touched every aspect of my life and I am so grateful to have met her." - LUCY S.