"I’ve enjoyed dream courses with everyone from Toko-Pa Turner to Robert Moss and Dr. Aizenstat. A friend insisted that I enroll in Julia’s recently launched dream course, and what a hidden, glistening treasure it is! The intelligence and genuine spirituality of the course material, the broad perspective and practical detail, and the open and supportive energy of the group was all on another level. Please do yourself a favor and take this course. You will see everything in your life anew.” - David R.

"When I signed up I knew the course would be interesting and useful but I didn’t quite expect “life changing.” I definitely underestimated how powerful dream tending could be. Julia has created a syllabus with rich content pulled from sources -- ranging from Carl Jung, to the Bible, to shamanic teachings -- to show participants how to interpret and harness dreams for positive change. The weekly discussions are a powerful opportunity to synthesize and crystallize the lessons in a community of wonderful people who are also drawn to this work. Anyone who takes this on can come away with an an opening to more insight, awareness, compassion and joy. It’s difficult to describe how valuable this awareness and insight is to me and how grateful I am.” - Hayley D.

"I cannot believe I have been sitting on the dream world for so long without realizing how rich, fruitful, and enchanting it is. Through this course, I've learned to appreciate the gift of our dreams, and paying closer attention to them has brought me closer to the invaluable parts of me that don't get a voice in waking life.” - Tiffany C.  

“I was beautifully humbled by the content and tools provided in Julia’s dream tending course. It opened portals I didn't even know were there, and was somehow otherworldly and practical, simultaneously.” - Michele M.  

“Julia's compassionate and capable guidance in her dream tending course offered tools to play and be a little bit messy - to ultimately come to trust our own intuition, free to work with a landscape of creative potential, as I awakened to the characters and messages of my own dreams. This is the kind of work that heals. I'm left forever indebted to Julia, a sort of living psychopomp between realms, and am simply awestruck at the depth of inner wisdom to be unearthed when one can better understand how to listen.” - Katie O.

”After a lifetime of having vivid dreams that would re-occur, stay with me for days or weeks leaving me with an always unresolved feeling inside, I took Julia's Dream Tending course. This class profoundly altered my perception of dream analysis and shed new light on the intricate ways we can uncover the deeper messages put forth by the Dream Maker to help guide us through our waking life. I'm comforted now knowing that nothing is meaningless when it comes to the dream realm. With the right tools you have the power to utilize your dreams as opportunities to expand and resolve what in waking life can feel unsurmountable. Julia's class gives you these tools and gracefully guides you through the process of translation with the help of a community to support you on your journey. This class is profound, it's a big deal and there isn't many practices out there that can offer such life long perception expanding gifts. I will forever be grateful for this course and for Julia.” - Jamie I.

”Dream Tending gave me powerful information and powerful practices in the context of a beautiful community. As someone who has worked with dreams for many years, the Dream Tending workshop expanded and renewed my practice. The spirit of the course was marked by both a deep curiosity and a warm, supportive environment - achieved even though online! The blend of theoretical knowledge was balanced with tools and practices that enabled me to connect with my Dream Life in profound ways. That, in turn, allowed a new pathway for healing and clarity in my Waking Life. Opening to these new perspectives has been a profound way of re-inspiring my curiosity and connection to my own life.” - Gabriella D.

“I came into Julia's dream tending course with little expectations, as this practice is completely new to me. And while I was excited to learn from this experience, I did not anticipate how much these past 4 weeks could have changed how I look at both the waking and dream world. No longer do my dreams feel just like shows passing in the night, but I am much more connected with understanding how to take real control over my life and bring mindfulness into every moment of my days.” - Rachele W.

“Dream work is life work is innerwork. Julia is an astute facilitator of what I will venture to call ‘our’ mystical realms and makes the super-metta material and existential questions we beg each day approachable. What struck me about the dream realm is that it allows one to process and integrate more fully aspects of oneself that I, for example, maybe once feared looking at. And allowed me the freedom to talk with others about it too. Julia’s prowess and knowledge makes me feel that I have a fearless and compassionate guide into the terrain of what so oft feels incalculably foreign and hard to navigate. I have been given the tools to continue breathing wholeness and divinity into my life’s work! I look forward to keeping up with fellow dreamers in this practice.” - Natalie B.