Dream Tending is a way of looking into the unconscious and bringing its resources more consciously into our daily lives, much like a gardener helps bring forth the garden. Dreams have been referred to as “the royal way “ into the unconscious, and as the “guiding words if the soul”.  The value of dreamwork ranges, depending on how deeply and vastly we choose to look.

At the level of our personal lives, dreams have the ability to bypass the filter of the logical mind and show us the more complete picture of what’s really going on, particularly things that the ego-self may not want to see. What lies in the unconscious, including its dream imagery, significantly influences our behavior, temperament, and worldview.

Dreams show us paths forward, physical and psychological ailments, how to heal and how to grow. Dreams can also forewarn of something coming. One would do well to note that if we don’t engage with the unconscious and with soul in some way, these forces will push their way through anyway, often as a neurosis or complex of some kind. 

Viewed with an even wider lens, engaging with dreams opens us up to new ways of seeing and living in general. It awakens the imagination and changes our worldview to see the world itself as a living dream. It allows us to more consciously (re)connect to the Anima Mundi, or "World Soul".

Over the past century, on a journey with science, we’ve inadvertently hollowed our lives of meaning and have been severed from the wisdom of dream consciousness and the ineffable. We’ve come to see ourselves as masters of the world, separate from, rather than part of, a whole. But through dream tending, we become participants again. We enter the dream world not as owners, conquerors, or masters, but as guests, hosts, and participants. We begin to see every experience, object, person and other creature in our dreams and our waking life as part of the Great Dream.