In dreams, we're offered medicines, advice, insights and warnings. Places to look for healing, and places to look for expansion. But it’s not always obvious what our dream maker is offering us.

Dreams have the ability to bypass the filter of the logical mind and show us the bigger picture of what’s really going on for us. They show us our blind spots, and possibilities that our more limited self may not be able to imagine yet.

Because dreams come as stories, they give us a little distance to help us see ourselves. And because tending dreams is like solving a mystery, it evokes more curiosity from us, while looking at the same puzzle in every day life can easily create a wall of aversion. Dreams also have a way of taking us to the feeling level – which is important because true healing can’t happen only on the conceptual level. In order to last, healing must also happen on the feeling level. 

Dream tending is some of my favorite work. The messages in dreams are a living reminder of beautifully mysterious world we’re living in, and the great power of the mind, imagination, and spirit. If you’d like help tending a dream, or recognizing some patterns, themes, and signals in your dreams, I’d love to help you.

Dream Tending sessions can be held at my cabin in Idyllwild, CA, or via video conference from anywhere. My session fees are as follows:

$125 per 50-minute session
$150 per 80-minute session
$520 for a bundle of five 50-minute sessions (paid up front, non-refundable)

All sessions with me are interchangeable. In other words, if you buy a bundle of 5 sessions, you can choose any combination of inner work, reiki, dream tending, or yoga, as you wish.