Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, or Conscious Deep Sleep, is a meditative healing practice that alleviates stress and restores the body at the deepest levels. Through its use of ancient symbols, nidra also reharmonizes the mind, and returns us to our essential nature. Yoga nidra helps us drop into effortless awareness and a state of pure acceptance.

SANKALPA: It's not a requirement to prepare for Yoga Nidra. You will benefit by simply showing up. However, if you'd like to prepare, you might consider in advance your resolve, or "sankalpa".

The purpose of sankalpa is to transform a whole life pattern, not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Therefore, it's a good idea to choose a sankalpa that will influence you as a whole (for example: "I will lead a healthy lifestyle", or "I will be honest and authentic in all I do") rather than focusing on a particular bad habit (such as "I will quit smoking or drinking", or "I will stop deceiving others"). As the seeds of sankalpa take root, the negative habits that get between you and your resolve fade away naturally.

Choose only one sankalpa, and then be patient. Time is required for results, and the results depend upon your sincerity and commitment. Use clear and precise wording with your sankalpa so that it’s easily understood by the unconscious. Once you make your resolve, don’t aim to go deep. This expectation creates barriers of tension. Instead, trust your resolve and be relaxed and open, even if the brain wants to do otherwise. Please know that in the beginning, it's normal for a person not to know which sankalpa to make. That's okay. If you don’t know, be patient and it will come to you.

AFTER NIDRA: I recommend that after yoga nidra, you have no plans. Have a quiet evening. Like with reiki, an abrupt transition from this deep state can cause agitation and even headaches. For similar reasons, students are discouraged from idle discussions about their experiences in yoga nidra.

WHEN: I offer 30 minutes of complimentary yoga nidra the last Saturday of each month following my 5pm level 2/3 class. One must attend the 5pm class in order to participate in the nidra. (Please note that the nidra is an optional addition. Students attending the 5pm class will be given an opportunity to leave quietly before the nidra begins.) View my full yoga class schedule here.