Yearning Keeps Us Going


Yearning is a force that makes us strong, that makes us clear, that keeps us going. Don’t be too quick to satisfy it. Be the one who may not know yet, but who is willing to search, to shed skins, to follow your heart’s knowing until you find what it’s looking for.

The heart has reasons of it's own that are sometimes beyond our conscious knowing. Ideas of what it loves and what it’s meant to be, even if it doesn’t yet have the words or the pictures to reflect that back to you yet. You must be willing to live the question, to live for a time in the uncomfortable unknown and not fill the yearning’s void with the wrong things.

To reach the knowing, you have to befriend stillness. Befriend silence and solitude. Because everything is there waiting for you. If you do, all that needs to happen to you will begin to happen to you.

Julia FrodahlComment