The Hands


From the wrist down are many nerve endings that directly connect to the heart. From the wrist down are also many receptors that feed the brain a vast majority of its information, second only to the eyes. There are 2500 nerve receptors per square centimeter in each of your hands. They are full of electricity. The hands are also the part of us that touches the world the most.

These are all good reasons to be particularly aware of your hands -- where and how you extend them out into the world, how you hold and place them in your yoga practice, as well as their profound ability to nurture yourself and anyone you touch.

Consider paying extra attention to them the next time you practice. Position them with clarity when they bear weight, keep them energized when they are off the floor (this keeps the regions of the brain evenly energized), and place them tenderly in your restorative postures.  Get to know their potential, as they are with you at all times.