Meaning & History of AUM


Have you ever wondered about the meaning or purpose of the AUMs we sound in class? 

The ancient yogis believed that the whole universe vibrates as one and that in deep meditation one can hear this vibration as AUM. To the yogis, AUM is a representation of the universe’s hum. Sounding it is an expression of being part of that hum.

The three phonemes - A, U, and M - each represent one of the three stages of existence, and together, the full cycle of life. The phoning of A (ah) is associated with creation, U (ooh) with preservation, and M (mmm) with decline. It happens that the chakras through which the sounding of these phonemes travels, from the root up, correspond with these stages as well.

But the yogis are not the only ones pointing to this universal hum. In quantum physics, there are four known physical forces - gravity, electro-magnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. For some time, physicists have been asking "What is it that connects these four forces? What holds it all together?"

Their theory is String Theory. They believe that there are tiny strings, smaller than the smallest known sub-atomic particles, that connect the forces of the universe, that vibrate in a hum, and that exist beyond our known three dimensions.

This is why the word uni-verse means what it does: one song. This sacred and profound vibration is what you are connecting to, physically and symbolically when you sound AUM, and travel through the doors of your practice.