Unbreakable Love


These are times to remain faithful to our spiritual practices. And by spiritual practices, I mean practices that remind us, and those around us, that we're all part of a greater whole.

Our yoga and meditation practices remind us of this. The Buddhist teachings remind us of this. Our Inner Work reminds us.

We’re very lucky to have exposure to these kinds of teachings and to know, at least on some level, that we are one. But because messages of separation and lack are fed to us daily, it’s important to counter them proactively with our spiritual practices and acts of kindness. To tend the garden of the heart and mind, so the illusions don’t gradually overtake it.

As I talk about in my recent audiobook, the United States is the most hyper-individualized country in the history of the world. Our self-worth is wrongly tethered to extrinsic, individual achievements and personas. We’ve slipped into seeing ourselves not only as objects for use, but objects pitted against each other in a land of scarcity – when the opposite couldn’t be more true. This is a major factor in why we are where we are.

What’s missing in our hyper-individuality is our sense of belonging to one another and the Earth, and the intrinsic self-worth and self-love that comes with that. These are the qualities to be cultivating for yourself and others. This is where the healing needs to happen.

A common response to filling the void of self-love and belonging is to reach for the extrinsic things we’re told will make us feel better. So we over-shop, we over-medicate, we over-work, and we over-post on social media. We essentially invest even more in our extrinsic selfhood, which is the opposite of what we really need. It’s like drinking salt water to quench a deep thirst. 

So this is a simple reminder that we’re all in this together. That you, just as you are, are enough and not too much. You belong here. If you feel the voids of self-love and belonging, fill them with something that will last and that will heal. Fill them with inner work, spiritual practice, and service to others. Be generous. Ask for help as you need it. In doing so, you’ll break the illusion of scarcity and separation that's at the heart of our global pain.

Before any birth there has to be death. The destruction and upheaval we’re in the midst of is that death. Death of an old way of being and relating. It’s also a rich, rich soil in which we’re growing new ways of being. Now’s the time to dig into this rich soil and help cultivate what will rise up through it. Do that with spiritual urgency. Now's the best time to be doing your spiritual work, and sharing the deep, unbreakable love that it makes possible. 

Julia FrodahlComment