We would never criticize a bud for not being fully open when it first emerges. We can see it as a flower in its process of becoming. We can even stand back and enjoy the miracle of the innate forces that gradually bring it to full bloom. Why are we so different when it comes to ourselves?

The process of becoming our full selves is an inborn quest that we humans naturally undertake, and it’s a lifelong process of emergence. The illusion that we aren’t already a valuable part of the story of life is what makes us overly eager to bloom too soon. From a place of not-enoughness, we are voracious to find worthiness at the next threshold. We try to skip necessary steps, and we don't enjoy the process. That process is our life.

Every living thing requires time and is granted time to move through it’s stages of growth, whether it’s a bud or a human being. Emergence is gradual. And no matter the pace you move, there will always be another enclosure to open, and greater light to be unveiled. There’s no end line in nature. And you, as nature, are no different.

So may you have patience as you untether from old versions of yourself. May you take the time to breathe into the increased space of each new expanded version. And may you greet the future that's embedded in each day, not with a closedness that repeats the day before, but with a gentle openness and bravery for whatever may come next.

Happy Spring, dear humans.

Julia FrodahlComment