Balancing Wild Nature & Mindfulness

Several years ago I went on a vision quest in the sacred red desert land of the four corners region. Many experiences were imprinted on me from that time, one of which was this: while driving out of camp, a herd of domestic horses galloped across the dirt road. So open and clear from the work we'd been doing, I was deeply moved by their beauty. Then, a mile further down the road, we stopped again for another herd of horses to cross, but I could see that these horses were different. These were wild horses. Their gate and their gestures were completely different. Their energy completely different, more potent and more vibrant. They were free and every sense about them was turned on and tuned in to their wilderness. Even their manes seemed more wild and free. This experience continues to inspire me to keep wildness alongside mindfulness. To be with the flow of spirit that moves all things creatively, while also guiding a life into a shape of higher consciousness.

I think it's extremely important to keep oneself exposed to experiences where spirit can enter -- experiences that aren't all cleaned up and predictable -- as well as to otherness. By otherness I do mean people who are different than oneself, but I also mean different landscapes, different skies, different life forms, different dances. This serves both free spiritedness and consciousness of oneness.