I draw from a variety of sources to help people heal, transform, and create a life aligned to their vision and dreams. These sources include Buddhist teachings, Jungian psychology, Process-Oriented psychology, dream tending, and nature-centered wisdom. This work is done under the umbrella of Inner Work

My work is infused with a deep love of nature and life's mysterious, often paradoxical ways. I have trust in the subtle signals that speak to us in life and in dreams, and strong feelings about being true to oneself and others. For me, a spiritual life does not escape our everyday reality but is embedded deeply within it. I feel that awareness, sensitivity, integrity and courage are attributes of the greatest importance at this time, to ourselves and our planet.

I've been practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness since 1993, and I've been guiding people through the Inner Work process since 2010. Please consider reading some testimonials, as I feel they will give you the best sense of who I am and what it's like to work with me. 

If there is one thing I'd like you to know about Inner Work, it's that change is absolutely possible. You can change even the oldest, most deeply rooted tendencies, and bring out or bring back your powerful natural spirit. It would be a genuine pleasure to help you reach your depths and create the life you desire.

I offer my Inner Work sessions in person in Idyllwild, CA, and via Skype to anywhere in the world. I also offer a number of courses that encapsulate my teachings on spirituality, self-love, loving-kindness, purpose, and belonging.

My best wishes to you.